Theory Courses


 Why choose my music theory courses?

- My courses combine videos, help sheets and one to one live lessons to help you gain the knowledge needed to master each grade *

- Unlike other courses, each one includes two face to face lessons with an experienced music theory teacher and examiner

- No other materials are required, although references to other sources are provided along the way

- They can be studied at your own pace in the comfort of your own home

*Fully up to date with the current 2018 syllabus


What is included in each course?

Grade 1

Note values - Counting the beat – Crotchet Time signatures - Counting in crotchets - Grouping notes in crotchet beats - The Treble Clef - The bass clef - The Grand staff – Using crotchet rests – Grouping rests – Using ties – Using ties - Accidentals – Tones and Semitones – Major scales – Key signatures – Degrees of the – Intervals – Tonic triads – Dynamics – Articulation and other markings -  Other performance directions


Grade 2

Counting in minims - Minim time signatures -  Counting in quavers – Grouping notes in minim beats – Grouping notes in quaver beats – Using minim rests – Ledger lines – Triplets – Major scales with 2 and 3 sharps and flats – The circle of 5ths – Relative major/minor keys – Harmonic minor scales – More in intervals – Terms and signs


Grade 3

Demisemiquavers – More on grouping notes – Simple time signatures – Compound time signatures – Using rests in compound time signatures – More on ledger lines – Transposition of an octave – Major keys up to 4 sharps and flats – More on the circle of 5ths – How to work out keys and key signatures – More on harmonic minor scales – Melodic minor scales – Phrase structure – More on intervals – More on terms and signs



*Do I have to have an examination?

No! There is no formal testing as part of the course and you will not be entered for any examinations. If you wish to take the ABRSM examination after completing a course you can find all the details related to this on the ABRSM website


*I already have some theory knowledge. Where should I start?

By reading the list of topics included in each course you may be able to judge where would be best for you to begin. Each course follows on from the previous one, so you will need to understand the topics at the previous grade to be able to make the most of each course.

If you do need help with deciding what is best for you then please feel free to contact me


*How is the course delivered?

The course is delivered through the mymusicstaff portal which hosts all the videos and help sheets for you to use and also allows you to sign up for live lessons at a time that is convenient for you. Live lessons are delivered through the Zoom platform which can either be accessed through your web browser or via the Zoom app on a computer, tablet or phone.


*How long do I have access to the course(s) and can I download the materials?

Once purchased, you will have lifetime access to the videos and help sheets. Videos can be viewed as many times as you like via the mymusicstaff portal and help sheets may be downloaded for you to keep.


*Are the courses suitable for children?

Yes. All the courses are suitable for learners of any age. If you are a parent or guardian and are purchasing a course for a child under 18, you will be asked whether you wish for access to be given via your email or your childs. Safeguarding information related to the live lessons is included in the terms and conditions available to view here.


*Are there any other terms and conditions I need to be aware of?

Yes, you can view the full list of terms and conditions here.


*How do I sign up?

To sign up for any of the courses or course packages, please complete the sign up form here.





1 theory course (any grade)  £40     Includes 2 live lessons worth £20**

2 theory courses (any grade) £70    Save £10. Includes 4 live lessons worth £40**

3 theory course (Grades 1,2 and 3) £100  Save £20. Includes 6 live lessons worth £60**


**Based on the price of my individual 30 minute music theory sessions via Zoom



To sign up for any of the theory courses or packages