Musician Coaching


Music Theory

Are you a musician who is finding it hard to fulfill your ambitions, despite your best efforts? Would you like to understand more thoroughly how to be the best musician you can be, or would you just like to talk to someone about how to move forward as a musician?

I am happy to be able to offer one to one support sessions with the aim to coach musicians to be the best they can be, whatever the genre or instrument you play. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh perspective from an experienced mentor to help you uncover blocks and move forwards.

Popular topics to explore include:

- Performance anxiety

- How to practice effectively

- Examination preparation

- Staying motivated

- Mindset and mental health

I can suggest practical ways to improve your knowledge and confidence in these areas alongside offering continuing support so that you can enjoy your musical journey with greater ease and enjoyment.

Free free to reach out via the contact form and let me know how I can help you. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

...just to let you know that my piano exam was ok. I was really nervous, and of course I made mistakes, but It was a different experience from the previous two. I can’t say I wasn’t nervous because I was, but I was calmer and less worried about embarrassing myself in front of the examiner, and this played out when I found myself being more able to keep going with my pieces. I know that my work with you has improved my music in so many ways. Just making mistakes in front of another person is a valuable lesson in itself, and has helped me be a bit more confident that everyone does it, and in the scheme of things what does it really matter? I’m doing this to learn, and most importantly, enjoy myself.
So thanks for all your hard work

Current student