Online Lessons


Claire is now able to offer music theory sessions to anyone, anywhere in the world, via the online meeting platform Zoom. Sessions can be completely tailored to you needs, either providing a one off explanation for any topic that you are having difficulty with, feedback following marking of your completed work or a series of structured sessions taking you through a complete grade or aspect of music theory.

Why choose online sessions with Claire:

* Study music theory in your own home with the support of an experienced teacher

* Gain insider knowledge as to how examination papers with the main two exam boards are marked (ABRSM and Trinity College, London)

* Session times can be flexible to suit your schedule

* Detailed help sheets and written feedback can be provided at no extra cost, whichever session you choose

Session Prices (all in pounds stirling GBP):

One off 30 minute session


One off 1 hour session


One off 30 minute session plus marking of previous work*


One off 1 hour session plus marking of previous work*


Series of 5 30 minute sessions


Series of 5 1 hour sessions


Series of 5 30 minute sessions plus marking of previous work*


Series of 5 1 hour sessions plus marking of previous work*


* work to be marked must be agreed upon in advance


*I'm new to music theory - where do I start??

If you already play an instrument or are completely new to music, Claire is happy to advise you on where to start with your learning. Feel free to drop her an email outlining your background and Claire will get back to you with her recommendation of where to begin.

*How long will it take me to cover all the work to pass a particular grade/exam

Although Claire is able to offer a structured series of sessions if required, it is not always possible to tell how long it will take to cover all the work for a particular grade due to your own learning style/speed. On average, it takes around 10 30 minute sessions to explain all the topics in one grade (Grades 1-5), however this does not guarantee that a thorough understanding of the topics will be gained in that time,

*Will Claire provide all the worksheets and helpsheets that I need?

Depending on your particular requirments, Claire will either provide you with worksheets or suggest particular worksheets or materials for you to download/buy. This will be make clear to you before your session. Helpsheets will be provided as part of the session cost.

*Can Claire enter me for an examination?

No, you will need to make your own arrangements to enter for a particular examination, although advice on this can be provided.

*I have never used Zoom before. Is it easy to use?

Yes! Zoom can be accessed via a web link and will run through your web browser. Or you can download the Zoom app onto your laptop/desktop/tablet or phone

*How and when are sessions payable?

Sessions must be paid for via Paypal or bank transfer at the time of booking, when a time and date for each session will also be agreed and an invoice provided.

Any other questions, just ask!

What you will need

* A web cam or camera on either a desktop computer/laptop/tablet/ipad / iphone

*A scanner or app to be able to send written work to me (if you would like me to mark it)

* Speakers or headphones

* A notebook, pen, pencil and any other materials agreed upon in advance before your session

*The ability to send payment online, either via Paypal or bank transfer

For more information, or to book a session please