Flute Lessons


Flute Lessons

As a passionate teacher with over 15 years experience, I have been fortunate to teach students of all ages and abilities. Past and current students have enjoyed a variety of success, including high examination results and well received performances and have gone on to study music at University level. They have also enjoyed winning prizes at local music festivals including those Cottingham, Hull and Hornsea.

Lessons can cover a variety of aspects, designed to help you to develop an understanding of how the flute works, alongside exploring a variety of music. In learning how to control techincal aspects of playing such as breathing and articulation (tonguing), students can learn how to use their whole body as an instrument, with the aim being to aid them in producing an open and natural sound that best expresses your musical voice, fosters their love for music and unleashes their creative potential. 

Whether you or your child want to study a particular genre of music or would like to discover what is possible with this wonderful instrument, lessons are completely tailored to your requirements. Whether you're a complete beginner or looking to enhance your skills, lessons offer a blend of technique, theory, and musicality to help you on your musical journey. Experience the joy of playing a beautiful instrument while developing a new hobby that can bring relaxation and fulfillment to your life.

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I started lessons with Claire in September 2022 after seeing a video on Youtube of her playing 'Cross Eyed Mary' from the Jethro Tull album 'Aqualung'. For some time I had wished to explore the flute style of Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull, and to also approach improvisation around that style.

These lessons have been fun and enjoyable, and I feel that they have made a huge improvement in my approach to this style of playing. I feel that Claire fills an important niche in the way that she is able to adapt to cross genre styles of playing. In conclusion, I commend her enthusiasm and professionalism as a teacher.

Mike C

Adult student

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