For the past seven years, I have beeen dedicated to developing as a flutist in contemporary music which may include sounds which are unfamiliar to many people. This involves mixing sounds created using different lip movements, mouth shapes and key combinations, as well as vocals (singing and playing) to create exciting music with a real edge. This opens up endless possibilities, allowing a solo instrument to become a full on sound machine capable of representing sounds found in nature, industry and many walks of life. Welcome to a completely different world of fluting!

One element of this unique world can be found in the form of fluteboxing. This involves mixing traditional playing, perhaps alongside the techniques mentioned above, with beatboxing in order to achieve a melody plus a beat.

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Are you a flute player who would like to have a go at fluteboxing? I am now able to offer online lessons in this exciting technique

Perhaps you are a teacher looking to try something new with your students? If so, sheet music for arrangements of my fluteboxing pieces are now available to download from Sheetmusicplus.com. Many are suitable for Grade 1-2 level, so why not give it a go?!